My name is John Huggins. I am the single father of three children. I have been wrongly convicted and sentenced to die for a crime I did not do. Florida has had to let more people off Death Row than any other state in our country. Why? Because innocent people do get sent to Death Row. If you don't have money for a full defense, you're in a lot of trouble. In my case my defense was poor. They did not have the resources to defend me that the prosecutors office had to send me to Death Row. My court appointed lawyers were put on a limited budget. So I got a poor defense.

But there is more to this story. My prosecutor is now under investigation by the Florida Bar for lying and hiding key witness evidence in my case (see www.flabar.org Case #2000-30-173 (09D). they knew I was innocent but because my case was always in the news they wanted to win. So they lied and broke the law to win. A judge has ruled I should get a new trial, because he found they did lie and hide the key evidence. The prosecutors are fighting me getting a new trial. But what good is a new trial if I don't have the resources for a fair defense? I need your help. Do you think that the prosecutors office is going to let me come back from Death Row and show everyone in the media that they do send innocent people to Death Row? No!!! They will use every trick they can to get away with to save face. I need to hire an independent expert DNA lab. I need to hire an independent investigator to interview witnesses that have never been interviewed in my case. I need an expert lawyer if I can get one or I will die on Florida's Death Row for a crime I did not do. I can never repay you. The only thing you will get is knowing you saved an innocent man from Death Row. Please write me. Tell me what you think. Let me hear from you soon.

Thank you
John Huggins

John Huggins #059121
Florida State Prison
P.O. Box 181/92208
FLA 32091