My name is Alonzo. I am a good hearted and life loving 36 year old – born and raised in the big city of Miami. Though at heart, I'm just a simple ole country boy (grin!)

I am both physically and financially fit, thankfully! But neither can substitute for the utter loneliness I feel on a daily basis.

Thus, I am seeking the correspondence of a mature woman (35 to 60 years old) whom I could share a beautiful conversation with from time to time. My interests are many, but under these confined circumstances they are restricted. Thankfully, thought, nothing man made can confine nor restrict one's heart.

Thus it is that my heart has melted these steel bars, knocked down the concrete walls and leaped over the razor wire fencing… seeking you hand in friendship. Will you do me the honour and pleasure and extend yours in return?



Merritt Sims 436015
Union CI
7819 NW 228th Street
FL 32026-4420