by Bobby Fratta #999189

If you claim to be pro-life, then you need to be pro-life for all human lives.

If you believe it is wrong for a pregnant woman to have an abortion because it's "murder" for her to take the life of her own unborn child, then how much more is it "murder" for a government to take the life of someone's child who was born and grew up.

It doesn't matter what stage of life the human is in, whether fetus or adult.  Human life is human life, and the taking of a life is the taking of a life...period.

 So if abortion is murder, then why are "We the people" currently allowing our government to "abort" its unwanted children?  Just as in pregnancies, there are alternatives.

Therefore, if you claim to be pro-life, then please recognize that all murder is wrong and be pro-life for all humans.  We of the Lamp of Hope Project (LHP) need your assistance to stop our government from murdering its children.  We need all pro-lifers to join and support our movement to abolish the death penalty.

Please contact the LHP at P. O. Box 305, League City, Texas  77574-0305 or via e-mail.

Be truly pro-life.

Thank you and God bless.

Bobby Fratta, LHP Vice President
Ellis Unit, #999189
Huntsville, Texas  77343