My name is Andrew Maxwell. I'm an uncontent resident of Pontiac Corr. Center Death Row. But I am a content resident of “Life”. I am a 34 year old African American Millionaire. Spiritually, Physically and Mentally of course. I have been kept here 14-years now. Which is entirely too much time to be spending around men. What breaks the monotony is the female staff who work around us.

The presence, the scent and the conversation of a woman have been proven to soothe the savage beast. Plus, they beat out – hands down – a cell house full of men wearing old spice. When one was once fortunate to have close relations with the opposite sex. Then “thrust” into a situation where that contact is limited. You grow – then you learn to improvise. You find yourself becoming introduced to a “Brand New World”. Actually the oldest form of stimulant. But unfortunately new to you.

Stimulation of the MIND

Which could actually heal a heart and feed a soul. They're female officers, nurses and law clerks who walk the cell house almost every day. And they're friendly. All one needs is a level head on their shoulder to guarantee then nice stimulating conversation. A am writing to you because I have become unsatisfied with that. I need a female pen-friend “Conversationalist” on a consistent basis. Preferably someone of my own age or better.

Thank you for indulging me
Take care and walk safe
Respectfully yours

Andrew Maxwell #B04031
PO Box 99
Il 61764