The Extraction of Desmond Jennings

The following accounts are from Texas Death Row.

"Nov 17, 1999 - I'm writing to you about what happened on my wing as of yesterday.  It has to do with an inmate here that was taken by force to the Walls Unit.  His last name was Jennings.  It was truly a disturbing thing to witness as they beat him and kicked him.  They used two canisters of pepper spray on this man just to extract him from the death watch cell.  It was a natural thing that a man be frightened of death but why all the brutality in getting him to the Walls Unit.  They beat this man til he couldn't be beat any more and why?  Just so they could kill him.  Now what measures are being taken to ensure THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN ANY MORE!  TO BE HONEST IT SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME AS I KNOW THAT DAY WILL BE HERE FOR ME SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE!  My concern is that they took this man by force and brutally beat the hell out of him and abused their right to kill him!  There was no reason to go to the lengths they took.  It was only 1 p.m. IN THE AFTERNOON.  They could have done something else to prevent this action they took!

Plus the other guards here that were on the wing were bragging how they beat the hell out of him.  Proudly boasting of what had just taken place.  The action they took did nothing for moral on the wing but brought so much tension to all of us that it could have incited a riot as the warden ordered the guards to take him as he said.  Jennings left the wing being drug out, never giving in for one moment to FIGHT FOR HIS LIFE.  I didn't blame the inmate for fighting.  I don't think anyone knows for sure how they will react when their day gets here but to go out fighting seems to be the right thing to do to me!

If you could have seen what they did to this man.  I BELIEVE THE PUBLIC SHOULD BE ABLE TO WITNESS THEIR DECISION IN KILLING INMATES HERE IN THE UNITED STATES PRISON SYSTEM.  Of course, I know that most Texans are BLOODTHIRSTY and (WORSE) SADIST.  Elected officials would rather use their brawn other than their brain in trying to get a prisoner to cooperate in their own execution.  If this man had any family that witnessed any of what was going on there should be serious repercussions as the man suffered TRAUMA TO HIS BODY!

But as I understand it the state has affixed a law that helps protect them from law suits as if this takes place all the time.  They call this circumstance "resistance" and they are allowed to use any method they see fit to take the prisoner out of his or her cell.  I have said all along that the public should be able to witness any and all executions on public TV.

They should be made to see what their government is doing to people.  We are not animals here.  We are human beings and we have feelings like anyone else that is human.  We deserve better treatment and we deserve DISCRETION IN MATTERS SUCH AS EXTRACTIONS.  THESE BEATINGS I WITNESSED YESTERDAY WERE UNCALLED FOR.  THIS WASN'T A RABID ANIMAL THEY BEAT.  IT WAS A HUMAN LIFE.  SOMETHING SHOULD BE BROUGHT UP OR DONE TO STOP THIS TYPE OF THING FROM HAPPENING IN THE FUTURE!"

From another Death Row wing
"Another surrealism:  Today they gassed someone down on G-13, and the fumes were smelled by some of the guys on this wing.  Turns out the guy they gassed was Desmond Jennings, the guy who had the date for tonight.  When it came time to transport him to the Walls, he refused to leave the death watch cell, so with gas aplenty they went in and got him.  Afterward I saw the members of the run-in team walking down the hall.  They were laughing it up, no doubt regaling each other with kudos and accolades for their respective parts in extricating this guy from his cell so he could be taken away and killed.  They couldn't even show the respect of at least appearing somber, as if they found the hand they had in killing this man distasteful.  Seeing this makes it so very, very hard to forgive, to understand the reasons behind such a bloodthirsty pathology.  I ask you:  For their part in preparing this man for execution, how are they any less guilty of murder than I?"