Dear Reader

Hi! I pray my greeting finds you well in spiritual blessings, physically and mentally. I donít have a photo to post with this article and I pray that you donít hold it against me? A little mystery goes a long ways!

My name is Allen ĎLil Booí Robertson Jr. Iím from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My age is 37, July 18 1967, sign Cancer which are great people in general!

Iíve been on Death Row for 10 Ĺ years. I spend 23 hours a day in a 6X9 cell. 3 days a week I go on the yard, weather permitting. On these days I lose hour on tier and am given a 15 minute shower on return from yard! It gets boring at times when you donít get any mails as is needed to keep hope alive, and to gain a trusted friend.

Iím looking for penpals that are confident in who they are and donít have to pretend by hiding to write to me. Honesty and trust is a must for me! My life was a game and I refuse to step backwards, only forwards. I look to proceed in life. And if it be the Lordís will that I die, then I am ready! Iím content in my situation, but saddened by family members not being there. I donít hate them for it. Itís a world wide struggle everywhere for us all!

As for me personally, Iím okay just thanking the Lord for blessing me 13 yrs! I enjoy writing real people and discussing lifeís ups and downs of society. I speak my mind and converse with the best! What I say is coming from my soul and therefore my words are my bond to you as my friend, male/female. For the record, Iím heterosexual. Nevertheless Iím not biased on sex genders. I love people period!

My hobbies: Reading novels of crime, romance, sexual, law books and caselaw, football, basketball, boxing, tennis, swimming, wrestling and a variety of newsstand mags. I like music of blues, R&B;, gospel, a little rap and alternative in pop and rock!

If youíre interested in my biography then write to me. Your friendship will bring a big comfort to me! May the Lord Bless you and guide you. I hope to hear from someone seen

Peace and Love

Mr. Allen Robertson Jr.
La State prison
Louisiana 70712