Let me quickly take this time to give you some personal information about myself. My name is Thong (the ĎHí is silent) Le and my friends call me Tony. Iím an Asian Vietnamese, 5í4Ē, 130lbs and my DOB is 6-10-82. Iíve recently been incarcerated in Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman, and am on Death Row. I am really looking for a pen friend to correspond with. As you may know, this place Iím in is a tough, lonely and miserable place to be. Iím the youngest guy on Death Row and the only Asian. I hope my unlucky predicament doesnít mask my nature and personality. Iím not a violent or angry person. Not at all bad, either. I was caught at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people!! I donít think negative or have such thoughts as wanting to hurt people. Fate and time stole my freedom from me when I wasnít being careful. I practically gave my life because of someone who I thought was a friend, who canít have been to put me in the negative end of his problems with him. Also, I have caused my family and myself a lot of grief for my lack of judgement on certain people. I did not kill anyone, but instead, got caught at the scene when I wasnít aware of what had happened.

I have a friendship that I want to offer in hopes of finding a person who wonít be prejudiced against my situation.

I hope to hear from you soon


Thong (Tony) Le #L2460
Unit 32C
MS 387838