My name is Armon Randall. I'm presently on Death Row in Mississippi.

I'm seeking a pen-friend to communicate with and help pass the boring days and existence here on Death Row. I'm from a small family, with few friends, so mail doesn't come my way too often and my connections with the outside world are severely limited.

I'm an honest and straightforward type of guy that wants to be the best, and if not the best then one of the best pen-friends you've ever had. There are only 2 things that I ask from anyone.
#1 PLEASE BE HONEST, because I shall and will be, on any and all levels, because I feel true friendship is built upon honesty.
#2 please understand my situation and the place in which I'm housed. So please don't ask any questions that you don't want a straightforward answer on, because that's the only way I know to be.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Have a blessed and safe as well as a prosperous 2002.


Armon Randall #60858
Unit 32-C
Mississippi 38738