My name is Kelvin (KJ) Jordan. I’m 25 years of age, born Dec 25th 1976. Height 5’7, weight 194. Dark complexion, black hair, brown eyes. I’m a very sad and lonely young man who’s desperately seeking friendship. I love music. I love to write and I can sing. I write poems. I want to meet someone who’s understanding. I’m looking for a true friend. Whatever else, loves nature, huh?

Kelvin L. Jordan #66570
Unit 32 C
MS 38728<

Friendship’s like a rose

Everyone knows that friendship’s a tender fragile thing,
Elusive as the breath of spring,
And oh, so like a rose.
A precious trinket wrought in rarest jewels and gold,
But twice as lovely to behold
And oh, so like a rose.
Hearts soar on high like swallows in their gladness
Knowing the thrill that poets call sweet madness,
Friendship is a gift, accept it when it comes your way
It happens only once, they say.
Then you will know that friendship is oh, so like a rose.
And, I’ll have my rose, my special relationship,
When you become my friend…
So many I’ve known when fair days were in sight
Who always were with me and treated me right,
But then like the wind, when my days filled with rain
They were gone, only memories choose to remain,
But once in a while just to answer my prayers,
Comes a person like ‘you’ dispels all life’s cares,
The one who when tried, is found true to the end
And I do myself honor when I call you my friend,
My Beautiful Rose

Kelvin Jordan