I'm looking for a person to develop a friendship through correspondence. A person that's open minded and with a sense of humor. I have the same qualities but anything extra is alright with me. My goal in having a pen friend is to establish a friendship in which we both can trust and share a little encouragement and information. I will be interested in anything you want or feel comfortable in sharing. Perhaps we can broaden our understanding of each other. I'm not shy nor bashful but am open and honest about everything.

Since you virtually no nothing about me I'll speak about myself for a moment. My name is Kevin, my date of birth is Nov. 9th '77. When I was out in the world my hobbies were rollerblading, participating in community services, watching sports, movies, playing video games, being with friends, getting to know other people and spending time with my son. My son is the joy of my life and part of my strength that helps me strive in this struggle.

Now that I'm incarcerated there are limited things to do. Most of my days and nights are passed by writing in my journal, reading newspapers, fiction and non-fiction books, magazines. I exercise, play solitaire and talk to guys that are next door to me. I know that may sound boring and it really is, but I still try to maintain my composure. In the face of so much negativity, adversity, stumbling blocks and dead ends, it's a wonder why I have not been beaten into submission. But no matter what I want in life (whether it's finding a friend) I have to believe that it can happen. It's the only thing that encourages me, inspires me and motivates me. Its what makes my desires real. Without a reason to believe, I have nothing more than a fantasy.

I will close here and not take up any more space, but if you would like to know more about me just ask when you write. Like I said earlier, I'm very open and honest. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.


Kevin Scott #R5670
Unit 32 C
Mississippi 38738