I call upon the sincere mind to hear my plaintive call for friendship. I'm a somewhat educated and enlightened 33 year-old African-American of Islamic background. I'm very culturally and socially conscious as well as open-minded and understanding. I consider myself to be well read, honest, straightforward, compassionate, spiritually minded and hopelessly romantic. My interests are reading, writing poetry and songs, martial arts, cooking, exercising and playing sports. I'm an athletically built 185 pounds, standing at 5'11 , light brown complexion with warm medium brown eyes.

I'm looking for friendship and emotional and moral support of a sincere, caring, emotionally and mentally secure, giving, understanding and spiritual woman. Hopefully, anyone who opens their heart and mind to my words can look past my failings as a man, and look at my promise as a human being and take the chance of getting to know who I am. For I am sure you will come to see that I defy the stereo-typical image of those who are incarcerated.


Haim Ald Al-matin Sharif (C. Robins) #27820
PO Box 1989
Ely. NV 89301