My name is JT. I am an inmate in desperate need of your help and understanding. I feel alone in this world because I am friendless and I feel as if my existence doesnít matter. I need someone to step up and be a friend to a man who has made mistakes in his life, but is still human with ambitions and caring about people. I just wish that someone would care about me.

I will respond to all who answer my plea to bring this loneliness to an end. I suffer enough by being in this situation that Iím in, and the added loneliness makes my existence even more futile. Please take time out of your life to listen to a stranger and you may find a friendship that you can cherish. I have many interests which Iíll elaborate on in my response to your letter.

So until then, I remain without an end

Jimmy T Kirksey 30379-3A34
POB 1989
NV 89301