Hello web angels

My name is Billy and I've been looking for a pen-pal for the longest time. I'm a very friendly man who enjoys writing songs, poems and letters. I also like to read, draw, lift weights and create images on paper. I'm 51 years young, 5'11 at 160lbs with brown hair and brown eyes. I was born on the 7th July in the state of Nevada USA. I do not have a photograph of my handsome self at this time, but I will send one if someone desires to correspond with me. If you have interest, please write me:

Billy Riley #31000
PO Box 1989
Ely, Nevada 89301

“Something In Me”

Tell me your dreams, your darkest deeds.
I will eat them up but only to feed
the something in me that always need.
That's the fire that I must nourish.
you can tell me that I'm foolish
but the stain of pain is still here
and the wounds of my soul do not heal.
In me are loud cries that no one hears
but the silence now still is full of screams
and the questions you ask can't be answered
without the cover of a lying mask,
I do not wish to hinder you
I do not want to shock your ears
I do not mean to cause you loss
nor upset your hidden fears
but you will not believe my many tears.
will you tell me my healing comes?
This is not my idea of having fun,
I beg you for just some words to say
to understand its long delay
Happiness! When is my day?
will you give me back my inner wings,
allow me to fly away and sing my freedom song?
That is the something in me for which I long.

By Billy Riley