Hello world.

My name is Doneale Feazell. I am a 26yr old Black man confined in the Ely State Prison on Nevada Death Row and have been so since the age of 18. I am in need of your help and understanding. Since my confinement, I have been going though my confinement alone, and it has become almost unbearable to say the least. Every day seems empty to me, leaving me with the feeling of nothing to look forward to. I am seeking kind, compassionate and caring people who wouldn't mind befriending a stranger. I am not a bad man but made some bad choices in my life. I've tried many ways to make friends, but so far my efforts have not been successful, so I am trying once again, hoping that a few of you will respond to my plea and offer me the friendship I seek. I will respond to all of you who write, and you have my word that I will cherish every friendship that is developed through this plea. I don't know what else to say other than I look forward to hearing from you. I understand that there are a lot of other pleas on this site, but I ask that you not only read my words but feel the pain of my loneliness in each of my words and response to my pain.

Thanx for your time.

Doneale Feazell #44313
PO Box 1989