I am a Death Row prison at Ely State Prison at this moment in time, and am looking for someone to write me.

I have no one writing to me, other than my attorney. The break-up of my country (Yugoslavia) has left me family-less and country-less, and I literally have no-one. His time has taken its toll, and I am lonely and would love to have a woman between the ages of 25-105, as long as they are serious about friendship, writing and who has an enthusiasm for life.

Name: Avram Nika
Number: 46984
Age: 22
Color: White
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 150
Nationality: Serbian (Yugoslavia)
Language: Serbo-Croatian-English-Romania
Interest: Writing –Music-Romance-Physical Fitness

Avram Nika 46984
PO Box 1989
NV, 89301