James Chappell

Greetings. My name is James Montell Chappell. I'm a deeply sensitive man who is longing to share thoughts, dreams, desires and future experiences wholeheartedly with pure sincerity to a mature, all knowing, understanding, honest, compassionate, established and caring woman.

I enjoy reading, writing, learning, writing poetry, drawing, cooking, working out, listening to music and watching meaningful films.

My emotions have spanned the spectrum. Shock, sorrow, horror, intense anger, betrayal, disillusionment, disappointment and utter bewilderment. I long to give my all to whomever finds interest in my journey to a better, more wholesome, more productive and peaceful future.

Due to my unfortunate circumstances, it would be most convenient and appreciated if you could write me at my address listed. THANK YOU.

James Chappell #52338
Ely Sate Prison
PO Box 1989
NV 89301