My name is Frank Harris. I am on Death Row in PA and trying to clear my name. I was born on 2-11-67 and I’m1/2 Saoan, ½ German. I have two children. A boy, Michael and a girl, Anna. I have taught myself to sketch “face and figure” portraits of people in both pencil and pastel. I am always looking for a good model to draw. I like all kids of music (except those annoying “boy bands” Ha!). I like few shows on TV., Joey (hey, I miss Friends!), South Park, WWE (stop laughing!), The Soprano’s, The Daily Show, Howard Tern plus a lot of the sand up comics (I look for excuses to laugh in here!). I have worked as a D.J., a bartender and a bouncer in bars. I have also driven Tractor Trailers and Limousines! I thought I had a lot of friends. I found out the truth when I was put in here. People I had cared for and showed nothing but love and loyalty turned their backs on me. It was shocking to me how easy it was for them to do that! Somehow we are always quick to believe the worst about people, and it seems so hard to have faith in someone! I also saw incredible kindness from total strangers. It is with ad’s like these I usually meet some of the best people ever. Are you one? If so, write!

Francis Harris #DL-0556
175 Progress Drive
PA 15370