Poems by Francisco Nunez, Jr., aka Jose Uderra
Graterford, PA

“Void Revelation”

Depravity at its zenith,
His life without meaning,
Wandering through the jungle,
Devoid of feeling.
Sensing an encounter with death,
That is mindlessly creeping.

Aware of the inevitable,
He reflects on the past.
Remembering many fond memories,
Of summer’s blast.
Oh, How sweet were the days,
That today are in contrast.

As a man journeys through life,
Arriving at his destination.
He becomes cognizant,
Of the surreal manifestation.
Life and death are absolutes,
And the journey a void revelation.

Unearthing the hidden trasure,
The journey comes to an end.
Death overwhelms the conscious,
All that appears to be doesn’t blend.
An image difficult to grasp,
Of a life not so grand.

2001, Jose Uderra

“Ravishing Beauty”

Oh, what ravishing beauty,
Breath-taking Angelic Queen
Skin smooth like fine pearl,
Qualities of Venus Supreme.
Enthralling attributes and smile,
Ethereal bliss my feign.

Stars of magical sexy eyes,
Seducing the seventh heaven.
Enchanting colossal galaxies,
Setting ablaze skies fluorescent.
Generating a crazed yearning,
Your universe finds pleasant.

Allow me the blessed privilege,
To hold intimacy in my arms.
To surge through your essence,
Enticing, exciting, ecstasy’s yarn.
Exclusively savoring the splendour,
Of paradise’s touch and utopia’s charms.

2002, Jose Uderra

“Hands of Heat”

Today the sun shined,
Magnificent lights of rays.
Jubilant flashes of radiance
Plundering traces of gray.
Inverting clouds of gloom
Into glorious blue arrays.

Converging in zealous daze,
Pleasantly penetrating every pore.
Igniting a fiery blaze,
Infusing impulsive passions galore.
Inciting cravings in phase,
Silently whispering love’s adore.

Embracing hands of heat,
Unify, seal and brand.
Quell the restless anguish,
Make the torment waters stand.
Intoxicate the carnal mind,
Mount the heavens and land.

Jose Uderra


Roaming through the halls,
Deafening solitude of walls.
Complexity of ghostly image,
Humanities line of scrimmage.
Freedom surpasses the mind,
Trapped in inferno’s bind.
Motionless pursuing sweet release.
Vehemently petitioning for a new lease.
Languishing in sorrow’s destiny,
Deaths debilitating grand larceny.
Past deeds demand maiming,
Bloodshed and life claiming.
Gallows of death row,
Obliterating every blessing bestow.

2002, Jose Uderra

“Mi Amor”

Beauty in the rarest of forms, standing before the naked eye,
Her grace breath-taking, sweet sexy voice captivating,
Angelic features defying age, while her seductive eyes mesmerize.

All who are blessed with a vision of her elegance realise she’s absolutely divine,
She’s the magnificent creature all wish to possess, but none will ever be able to say, she’s mine
For she transcends the imagination of mere mortals, including space and time.

To know her intimately will leave an indelible mark on your soul,
For she’s a mixture of roses and red wine that will leave you craving her all the more,
Her scintillating charms are recorded in the Annals of History and her name is, MI AMORE!”

2002, Jose Uderra

“Infinite Treasure”

Incredible, stunningly super fine,
Your tender touch warm to the bone.
Melting heaven and earth,
Setting ablaze the stars y mi Corazon.

Robe me in your mantle,
Cast your magic spell.
Drive me to the brink,
An d absorb love’s well.

Shower me with your soul,
Bathe me in your charms.
Reveal to me love’s treasure,
As I hold you in my arms.

Create a safe haven,
Where we’ll be one forever.
And I’ll disclose to you,
My love’s infinite pleasure.

2002, Jose Uderra

“Read and Heed”

Walking through the halls,
Looking at the madness.
Humans engaged,
With heavy sadness.

The blank stares,
Tell the story.
A child yesterday,
Today’s gone glory.

Once a parent’s joy,
Turned to a painful cry.
With another child,
About to die.

So if you’re reading,
Cease the insanity.
‘Cause if you don’t,
You’ll be another tragedy.

For the politician
Knows no boundary.
We are the targets,
Of a system gone ary.

Thus, read and heed,
Or simply weep.
As you watch your baby,
Being put to sleep.

2002, Jose Uderra

“Mama Said”

Mama said
“Boy, don’t do that!”
But I didn’t listen,
Putting on the players hat.
I started to stroll down the street,
With a brand new gat.

One day ran into Smokey,
Who was walking with Tragic.
We began to bust it up,
Suddenly there was panic.
Seems Mookie Dee,
Has been smoking chronic.

In his depravity,
Guns began blazing.
And in the blink of an eye,
Cops, guns drawn came racing.
When the smoke cleared,
Charges I was facing.

Hold up, I screamed!
You got the wrong man.
But no one would listen,
And justice its course ran.
Some fool took the stand,
Sending me straight to the can.

Today I sit in darkness,
Silenced by four walls,
Patiently awaiting for someone,
To accept my collect calls.
Hoping justice will some day,
Come from those great halls.

2002, Jose Uderra

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