Letter of Introduction

My name is Borgela Philistin Jr. Iím 30 years old, physically fit at 6í2Ē and weighing 205 lbs. Right now Iím on Death Row but Iím a survivor, always looking for the best possibilities in life many challenges. This place is isolated from the world outside. With this letter though I hope to attract some glimmers of light by meeting new people full of life to have writing conversations with.

Despite my location the spark of life within me still shines though and I appreciate itís enduring potential more than ever. Passionate topics are the express flavors and colors of ourselves, feel free to be yourselves. Other conversations that interest me range from politics vis-ŗ-vis our present and changing times to social injustices all over the world that inflame our human senses. U have a wild sense of humor that craves attention but I can also appreciate reciprocal conversations that sharpen the edges of wit.

My unbridled ways have been tested while on Death Row, thank God my imagination still flourishes. I would deeply appreciate words from pen friends of near and far distant places, glances like that are priceless and would surely put a smile in my heart.

All responses are most welcome. Besides English Iím also fluent in French and Creole so I look forward to hear from you. How about it? Letís start a conversation. Contact me at the address listed.

Borgela Philistin Jr. DD-4916
175 Progress Drive
PA 15370