My name is Jonathan Fisher. Iím a Capital Case/Inmate/Prisoner, currently housed at SCI Greeene. Iím a 29 year old, 6ft African American male with freckles that loves to read, write and study the bible.

Iím also into sports (but what man my age in jail ainít Ė SMILE). I like good music, and Iíve recently begun writing poetry (see below), this since my incarceration some five years back. If I may be completely honest, Iím looking for someone that knows how to express themselves, thatís not afraid of my situation. Someone whoís willing to shed light on my surroundings. Someone who can understand my handwriting (smile).

Thus the request for someone who can express themselves. I write whatís on my heart, sometimes I do this to a fault ďyou know, the foot in mouth diseaseĒ

Well, thatís all for now. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jonathan Fisher EC5210
175 Progress Drive
PA 15370

Iíve seen love turn to hate

Iíve seen love go, put to death by those youíve called Bro
Iíve seen love lost in hates shadow.
Disrespected and left alone by those loved some time ago. True feelings revealed, begging the question, Friend or foe?
The love you put faith in, believed in, but when called on it, the say ďsoĒ! Fronting for folks puttin on a show.
You know; The blame is yours, because to take responsibility for their part in your desolation is something theyíd never forgo!
Said they believed, that everything I said youíd never misconceive.
Mentally and emotionally youíd supply loves needs. Iíve seen love leave; and to justify itís departure love tried to deceive.
Confusion at first, then the feeling of not being able to breathe
Truth after that, seen like the way drying clothes sway in the breeze.
Iíve loved and had it turn to hate, turned my back on love sealing my own fate.
Only to turn back around too late, to find love has spit in my plate.
Yeah, they hate you, sending word to other folks
(He crazy) tryin to berate you. Letters to people trying to hurt me, by saying Iím deceitful.
Justification for the foul shit they do.
Iíve seen love go, and come back in the form of hate with a smile as white as snopw and a fork tongue like a snake.
Love is blind but not fake.
Ha-ha-he-he laughin at corney jokes looking for ways to relate.
Undermining love emotionally using hate.
But love never points a finger when hate makes a mistake.
Instead love looks for ways to initiate, clever and new traits. Using forgiveness, hoping hate partakes.
In this case hate made itís escape.
Letting down itís medieval wall, knowing love the optimist would take the bait.
In this notation Iíve used many ways to stipulate how Iíve seen love turn to hate

By Jonathan Fisher