Greetings. My name is Anthony James Fiebiger. I am writing to you from Death Row at S.C.I. Greene in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. I am trying to get help earning money for the purchase of a headstone, casket and burial plot. I can paint beautiful pastel portraits of family, friends, movie stars, musicians, and sports figures. I also do wonderful paintings of Jesus and other religious figures. If you would like to write to me and discuss the philosophy of Capital Punishment with someone who is experiencing it first hand please write me with ANY questions or comments.

When I was a free man my interests and hobbies were Radio Controlled Models, Offset Painting, Art, music. I love cats. Iím 40 years old. I like swimming and fishing, Some of my favourite TV shows are Junkyard Wars, Trading Spaces and Nova. Hope to hear from you soon.


Anthony J. Fiebiger DW5907
SCI Greene GA-3
175 Progress Drive
PA 15370