To whose hands this may reach

My name is Ramon Sanchez, but I prefer to be called manato which means one with nature or the elements of nature. I am 22 years old, half Cherokee/half arowach Indian man.

Iíve been wrongly sentenced to death for a savage crime I never committed nor participated in. I spend twenty-two segregated hours in a bug infested cell that is the size of a ghetto bathroom and I do not have any family to correspond with!

My preference of a pen-friend are women eighteen years and older. I seek an enlightened intelligent friend, very loquacious, understanding, active, creative, unflinching to lifeís chaos. A friend who loves music and is not shy of cameras.

I love sports, Iím a freestyle artist with paintings. Iím learning fullbody sketch portraits. I write poems and as a lyricist I compose my own R&B; to sing and I compose my own political, spiritual hard core street life lyrics to rap. I enjoy reading diction and non-fiction. Iím a down to earth individual.

Ramon Sanchez FH-7056
175 Progress Drive
PA 15370