Tunnel Vision: To be so caught up in a set of events or single event that the bigger picture becomes blacker…

Now I'm here sitting on Pennsylvania's Death Row… Seeing and learning things that my Tunnel Vision would not allow me to see of hear before.

Some say; it doesn't matter where you learn the lesson, just as long as you learn it. Hmmm, it sounds good, and even makes sense to a degree. But what good is a learned lesson, if it can never be utilized where it counts?

Now ain't that something? Another lesson learned.

I dedicate these writings to all Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and Brothers of the world.

I pray to the Heavens above that you or your loved ones never have to learn lessons in a 6X9 cave watching yourself age 24 hours a day… and your loved ones die waiting for you.

Peace and Love
To Love

Jermont Cox