Essence of a Woman

She is a beautiful woman,
Very strong willed,
Overcoming obsticals that get in her way.

Coming up in a so called “man's world”,
She refused to be part of such an unfounded cliché.
Living by her own rule,
Never being controlled, but always in control.
They say behind every good man stands a strong woman,
She says NO!!!
It's the strong woman that raises the good man.
The good man seeks a strong woman to stand by his side.
It's the reflection of that strong woman who raised him that he seeks.
He may wonder why she's so emotional?
Emotions make me strong, mister!

Through all the years of raising a generation, searching for love
Trying to
Overcome the barefoot, pregnant kitchen duties.
Emotions are what kept me going.

Take a minute see it through her eyes.
Behold the all nbatural beauty and strength of our women of today.


Jermont Cox

The Blue Birds Song

The wind guides my wings as I soar above rooftops and below clouds

     Free I am.

At sunrise it's my song you hear outside your window.

     Listen! Close your eyes, open your heart, and hear the beauty of my song.

Feel its freedom

    During the night, I sleep in a nest made from mother earth, while earth dampens for tomorrow's feedings.

Free I am.

    Create a song in your heart, that only you know.
    Enjoy all good things in life.
    And you can enjoy the Blues Birds Song.

Free I am

By Jermont Cox

Oh! Sweet Dreams

I experienced the most beautiful dream last night.
It was peaceful and funny.
As my dream was interrupted by the sound of voices,
I wanted to return and continue in that world.
Now I sit and wonder, what are dreams really about?
Is it the outer body experience that some have said they had?
Or is it the subconscious state of wanting or needing to be?
I guess we all go through this phase of wanting to understand our dreams,
so me writing it, and you reading it, probably means nothing.
I want to tell you about my dream!
But I cannot,
out of fear if I tell you then my want or needing to will no longer exist.
I sometimes believe that my dreams are somewhat connected to the next life,
that you and I are looking forward to.
If that be the case then we are living two lives at once,
not on a different personality level, but on a level dealing with spirit and mind.
That would mean Death, nothing more, nothing less….
Would that eliminate Heaven and Hell?
Maybe the dreams we fear are Hell
and the Dreams we enjoy are heaven? I guess it all depends on what one believes.
Well, I guess no matter what my dreams may mean,
some we will enjoy, others we will not.
Will we ever figure out what our dreams mean?
In my opinion, No!
We are created by a Greater Being than doctors, Psychiatrists etc…
Therefore no one can understand the thoughts, minds, and being of God's creation.
Anyway, I experienced the most beautiful dream last night
I wish I could tell you about it
OH!, Sweet Dreams

Jermont Cox, Copyright 1998