Colors of the Rainbow

When I see a rainbow, it reminds me of the many cultures of the world

It's colors are bright and beautiful…..
They stretch across the sky for all the world to see.

When I see a rainbow, I dream that all of the people in the world will join hands and sing a song to God
Thanking him for the Rainbow.

It would be so wonderful with the world could be as peaceful, as bright, and as beautiful as the rainbow.

There would be no more war, racism, hunger, or politics…..
It would be heaven on earth.

Well, that's my daydream.
I can only pray that it comes true one day soon.

The next time you see a rainbow…..
Make it your daydream, then make it your Prayer…

By Jermont Cox


No face, no life in search of identity.

Life begins in nine months.
So pure and sweet, an unseen beauty.
New life waiting to be loved.
Without sin, no understanding.

All her life in searching for life and love.
Having many partners, only to be used, abused and rejected.
Without regards to the Silence of Death.
Respect none, beauty fading, and womanhood wounded.

All outer elements remain unstained.
To the man, it's only a moment.
She prays once again it's forever.
New life destroyed by the stained inner elements

Totally clueless of Who! Where! Or When!
Alive, but yet, so very much dead.
The Silent Death!
While in search of Love.

Family, friends, we are gathered together on this very sad occasion.


By Jermont Cox