Street Hustler (Part I)

Street of the concrete jungle: Inner City hustler, Hoodlum Gangsta type even!

Yo! Yo! T-Bird! Fam-Ly you been standing out here all night. T.B. you need some rest, those dollars be here tomorrow. Dig this Short-shit, these streets are my meat if I don't hustle, I don't eat, and there ain't no thing worse than a hungry nigga. Ha!Ha!

Anyway Double S. This is my life gang, either I make it or I fall back in a house on the hill, or I go to jail for putting a cap in a chump trying to attack my meat, or I die where I stand.

Streets of the concrete jungle: Inner city street hustler, hoodlum, Gangsta type even.

New apartment, Cadillac Seville, and top of the line gear… T-Bird came to fuck up! He the man. That's what's up!

The ghetto sees, breath's, feels, and lives Death: Ghetto warfare among street hustler.

Damn T-bird it's getting bad man, all the brothers are killing each other… how many brothers we buried this year? About 12 Short-shit, but those are the rules of the concrete jungle.

T-bone and Smitty got popped by the man, I hear Smitty got LIFE and T-Bone on DEATH ROW. SHORT SHIT, cool out man, those brothers alright. They LION HEARTS…

Street of the concrete jungle: Inner City Street hustler, Hoodlum Gangsta type even…

Dee-Dee, What's up! Pretty Girl? Where my main T-Bird at? It's about time for you to drop that load, right?

Shorty, didn't you hear, my baby T-Bird got popped by the po-man for killing, “someone loved him”. Someone told the man they saw him do it over that stupid corner.

Damn, Dee-Dee, that's fucked uped baby-girl, that's really fucked up.

Street Hustler (Part II) The Other Side

Street of the concrete jungle: Inner City hustler, Hoodlum Gangsta type even!

Lesson 1: The concrete jungle teaches men, women, and children to accept death by natural causes, the struggle, or the gun shot. By seeing death in all it's elements one begins to accept that with death there is peace, even if one dies in a war. Once accepts, believing in the sweet here after. I have never met anyone who believes that their loved one has went to hell, no matter how bad they may have been. It's always stated, “he/she was not an angel, but the good that was in him/her will allow them into heaven”. That helps us accept death.

Collect call from Tyrone: Will you accept? Yes! Yey T-Bird, wat's up baby? Dee-Dee, I miss you something real bad baby. I can't want to get out of this place. T-Bird, I miss you too. When you come home you have to change. Fuck them streets. Did you get the pictures of the baby I sent you? Yeah, my baby girl, all that. Looken like her momma. Dee-Dee, the lawyer need some more money baby. He said he got this case beat. Handle that ok…? T-Bird, the money getting short and the bills are building up. The baby need stuff. Ain't none of your so-called friends doing nothing, except for Short-Shit. He gives me what he can from his paycheck. Listen baby, don't worry. I'll take care all that when I touch base, but we need to take care of the lawyer.

Lesson 2: Thought patter of the street hustler: To make it big in the game, the reality of the situation is that he will either die first, which is acceptable, because it is part of life, or end up in prison for life. Imprisonment for life after living in freedom with the right to do as one wants, to come and go as one wants; life in prison is a scared reality that no one is prepared for.

The street hustler when he speaks of going to prison for his hustling is just rap, to demonstrate his lion heart. But the scared reality is that he has never experienced the total loss of freedom and he is scared, but he does not realize it yet.

Street of the concrete jungle: Inner City hustler, Hoodlum Gangsta type even!

A child is born without its father. The mother is now struggling to make ends meet… the contact between the man and the women is done. He let her down. The history of man: one time street hustler with a dream of the big time. The future of man: 10 to 20 for the product, 5 to 10 for the gun, death “for someone loved him”. Now he lays on the cold concrete floor on a double dosage of mind altering medication trying to escape reality.

The End.

[Song playing in the background: Curtis Mayfield Superfly]

Assault Weapons

Why are assault weapons in our community? They are the major cause of death by youngsters all over the world.

About the guns, how did they get to our streets? Who gave the store permission to sell to the under aged?

I'm not speaking about any old type of gun, but I am speaking of assault weapons. Also what is a local gun store doing carrying these types of guns at all? Where anyone can walk in and purchase an assault weapon, oh of course, you have to have the proper ID, money, any age will do.

We are not going to war, nor are we going hunting, so there is no reason why these types of weapons should be on our streets. This is just a general idea of how some of the weapons used each and every day by our young generation to kill each other are getting on our streets.

I pick up the newspaper and read about how people want to stop guns from being made. Lets not put the cart before the horse. First things first. Lets find out who gave these local gun stores the green light to stock assault weapons. Once we find out then we can put a halt on it. How do we do this? By voting and making sure out issues about saving life are carried out.

I have learned that everything is political, all about money. My personal opinion would be to close the gun store, and give law abiding citizens another way to purchase a gun for their protection.

The temptation of buying a gun is too great – take that temptation away.

I am a 26 year old male, serving life and death prison terms. My life ended at age 21 and this is what it took me to realize the political significance behind our continuing loss of lives. I hope by writing this article I can open the eles of many, and be helpful in saving your child.

More of our adult population needed to open their eyes in prison and out, successful and striving to be successful.

Stop and think. There is no life in jail or in a grave. Let us pull together and fight to keep our youngsters out of both of them.

Brothers, sisters, friends and family – let us stop worrying about what other people think (that our younger generation is a lost cause etc. etc. nonsense), let us pull together and do what is right. Because if we don't, chances are it will probably be your youngster with dirt in his face or gates all around him for the rest of his life. If this message reaches the hearts of all those person(s) striving for change, that's fine, but I want it to open the eyes and hearts of those caught up in the middle.

A brother came to me about three and a half years ago with the following words. “If young black men and women keep killing each other with drugs and violence, within the next 20 years, if that young sister or brother that survived was to run for Governor, President or Senator, there would be no one around to vote for him/her. All the votes that he/she needed would have come from their peers of 20 years ago, but they are now killed off and/or sitting in prison.

Let's work together and help save the life of our youngsters of the future.

Stop the violence and save the children.

What caused fighting? What causes death? It is jealousy, envy and greed. It is brother against brother and sister against sister. He has it, she has it, you want it. Drugs, money, cars. He has a Benz, she has a Beamer, and if you want it, you will do whatever it takes to get it. You threaten, hurt and kill for it. Bang-bang you take them out. You got it, now was it really worth it?

If you are luck you will be out in ten, only to do it again. So don't do it.

Stop the violence and save the children.

Our children learn by what they see.

Stop the violence and save the children.

It might be your child who is either the killed or the killer.

This is an open minded message.

Jermont Cox
Death Row CE8242
1040 East Roy Furman Hwy.
PA 15370