The friends and family of Kevin D. Pelzer plead for your help to save the man that we love.

Recently, Kevin was granted a new trial after 14 plus years of fighting. The only reason that Kevin was granted a new trial is because of the expert testimony of two prominent medical examiners that testified for him on appeal. Without their testimony at his new trial, Kevin will be back on his way to be executed.

If we do not secure the funds to hire the two experts that helped win this new trial, Kevin will once again be in line to be killed. We need your help to see that this does not happen.

We are asking that you please give one dollar to hire the much needed experts that will save Kevinís life. With just one dollar, you can help save a life. We are grateful and we than you for anything that you can give.

Please send your dollar money order to;

Kevn D Pelzer #BC-9251
175 Progress Drive
SCI Green
PA 15370