Highlights of Enhancements

…to AD-03.72, Offender Property



Effective September 1, 2002


Administrative Directives/Forms


1.       AD-03.72, Offender Property

AD-03.73, Property Transfers

AD-03.78, Property Claims

AD-03.79, Oversized Material


2.       Variety of “unit-specific” forms throughout the agency.


1.         Combines all into AD-03.72

        --Includes ACA Standards

        --Establishes consistency system-wide

        --Expands definitions


2.         Establishes standard property forms with clear      instructions as to their use.  Training to be provided to staff. 






Ø       Property items allowed at intake may vary. 



Ø       Property items allowed at intake are consistent.



Property Storage



1.       A minimum of 1.75 cubic feet of closable storage shall be provided.






2.       Storage space in a cell consists of an approved fire resistant, closable container and shelving which may include an empty bunk bed for administrative segregation offenders. Most hygiene items need not be stored in the closable storage container.



3.       Non-combustible items, e.g., typewriter, radio, fan, shoes and other such items need not be stored in the closable storage container.


4.       Special purchase items from outside vendors shall only be authorized if the item can be stored within the designated storage space provided. 


5.       Issue of closable storage containers for legal material or education material.


6.       Gender boxes for females to store feminine items.



1.       The minimum of 1.75 cubic feet of closable storage remains the same; have established a maximum capacity of 2.0 cubic feet. If the container exceeds 2.0 cubic feet, the size of the storage container will be taken into consideration if the offender requests additional storage.



2.       Policy now specifies one (1) photograph and one (1) each of personal hygiene items may be stored on the shelf, which may include an empty bunk for administrative segregation offenders who have no shelf.   All combustible and consumable items are to be placed in the closable storage container. 


3.       Remains the same




4.       Remains the same




5.       Remains the same



6.       Remains the same



Commissary Items



Items currently available for purchase through the commissary that will be discontinued:


Ø       Ink Pens (any style)

Ø       Solid cloth commissary bags

Ø       Multi-outlet power strips (causes power outages)







Products that will replace the discontinued commissary items are:


Ø       Clear ballpoint stick pens

Ø       See-through mesh commissary bags

Ø       Clear Two-outlet adapters


NOTE: Discontinued pens and commissary bags may be kept until no longer usable.  When new adapters are available, the method for transition will be determined. 


Effective September 1, 2002
Jewelry Items



1.       1 ring


2.       1 wrist watch




3.       Neck chain (may be brought in at intake) if holding a religious medal or cross.






4.       Stud earrings for females; limit set by Warden.


1.       1 wedding ring at intake only 


2.       1 wrist watch (may be brought in at intake; watches obtained after intake may only be purchased from commissary).


3.       Offenders may not bring in chains or necklaces at intake or possess a “freeworld chain or necklace”.   Aluminum neck chains are available at minimal cost through the commissary for those offenders wanting to purchase one to hold their TDCJ photo ID, lock key, or religious medallion. 


4.       Females will be allowed to keep two (2) pair of stud earrings; no earrings may be brought in at intake, only earrings purchased through the commissary will be allowed.







Ø       Limits vary unit to unit.


Ø       At intake an offender may keep his “freeworld” shoes until he is provided state-issued shoes.

Ø       While incarcerated an offender may possess two (2) pair of shoes; one (1) pair will be state-issued (brogans, canvas or medically-issued); a second pair may be purchased from the commissary.

Ø       If an offender presently possesses a pair of “freeworld” shoes, he may keep them as his 2nd pair until they wear out.

Ø       In addition:

Specialized work shoes will be state-issued and kept at the worksite when not in use.

Offenders may possess shower shoes (now classified as hygiene item) 





Ø       Sold in unlimited quantities at commissary. (Places a highly negotiable item in offender hands for trafficking and trading).

Ø       Stamps will be sold in quantities of up to 30 per spending period; offender may possess no more than 60 at a time. Warden may authorize the purchase of additional stamps if circumstances justify the need.



Religious Items



1.       Religious medallion included in “jewelry items”; no limit as to value or size.




2.       Individual religious items not described.




1.           Religious medallion now included as a “religious item” (if made of non-flexible material, may be no larger than 1½” wide/long); may be brought in at intake--otherwise, must be commissary-purchased or provided by Chaplain; Warden may disallow due to excessive value/size.


2.           Description provided as to religious items, with note to consult Director of Chaplains if in doubt. Allows one each of every item permitted for the offender’s faith as documented in his official TDCJ record (exception—7 sacred stones).



NOTE: Items that are unique or of significant value create the potential for extortion and a safety concern.



Effective September 1, 2002

Property Room




1.       Administrative Segregation Level 3 and Death Row Level 3-restricted property stored indefinitely.



2.       Bench Warranted offender’s property stored indefinitely.    




1.       Administrative Segregation Level 3 and Death Row Level 3 – restricted property stored for a maximum of 9 consecutive months.


2.       Bench Warranted offender’s property stored for a maximum of 6 consecutive months.






1.       Allows offender to take two (2) bags of property.









2.       Property transported alongside offender in seats and in the aisles (enables theft/creates safety concerns).

3.       Offender is responsible for property during transport. 



4.   Ship remaining property in available containers or boxes.


1.       Allows offender to take one (1) state-issued red mesh bag of property, two (2) cubic foot capacity (same capacity as storage container). 

Offenders that are authorized legal storage may take one (1) additional mesh bag for transport of legal material.  

NOTE: Offenders being transferred out of TDCJ on bench warrant or enroute to court, may take one (1) additional mesh bag for transport of legal material for each authorized legal box.

2.       Property stored in individual, storage-compartment bins outside passenger area (buses being retrofitted).

3.       Transportation staff compares offender TDCJ photo I.D. card to the offender information on the “new adhesive” identification tag to ensure a correct match of offender to “his” property as he enters and exits the transport vehicle.

4.       Ship remaining property in boxes marked clearly with OFFENDER PROPERTY in bold lettering.






Ø       None specified.


Ø       Offender property (storage areas; property room management; etc.) will be monitored via operational and security review processes.





DL—June 21, 2002