Dawn of Time
James Session #669

Your love is like an island,
In life ocean-vast and wide,
And a peaceful, quiet shelter,
from the wind, the rain, the tide....

This bound on the north by hope
By patience on the west,
By tender counsel on the south,
And on the east by rest.

Above all this, you like a beacon light,
Shine faith and truth and prayer,
And through the changing scenes of life,
I find a paradise, a heaven with you!

From Broad to Narrow

Martin A. Draughon #878

Most take the broad and most crooked path;
The one leading to destruction and the soul to be cast.
I have walked this path for many of my years.
Living a new life now, I see in the old, only sorrow, pain and fear.
I walk straight now with the Lord as my guide,
On the narrow path to righteousness, no longer fearing to die.
The way that I walk now is not yet paved smooth;
Satan is angry for leaving him and has vowed to make me lose.
Satan is very sly and crafty and will try to deceive me in every way,
But I stand my ground against his evil shielded by the armor of God every day.