Sunday, June 1, 1997
by Darlie Routier

June 6, 1996, two young boys and their mother were attacked in their home while sleeping and left for dead. The two young boys were taken to be with the Lord while the mother was given God's miracle of life. Even though she questioned this miracle and felt guilt for surviving while her babies did not, she never questioned that it was truly a miracle given by our Father Above. Two weeks later this broken down and grieving mother was arrested for the slayings of her two beautiful boys. Even though she proclaimed her innocence and never wavered, she was ridiculed and beaten by the media and the public.

This mother cried out in anger to our Lord, "Father, how could you allow this to happen - You know the truth." Little did she know this was only the beginning of the trial of her life and many around her.

This mother cried out for revenge and wanted the man that murdered her babies to die slowly and painfully, with no forgiveness or peace. Eight months later the mother was convicted and sentenced to death in Gatesville, Texas. Beaten down and no desire to live, she joined a dorm with six other women also living on death row.

In ONE month this mother learned about forgiveness. She learned that Jesus died for all our sins and no one has the right to play God. This mother's eyes have been opened to a corrupt and injust system made up by man, not God, a system which only worries about making a name and who wins that matters, where people really aren't people but only a name on a piece of paper. A system where pride comes before doing what's right.

This mother has learned to have compassion and love for other people who have done terrible crimes and hopes for the day she can look her attacker in the eyes and say "I forgive you".

My name is Darlie Routier and I am this mother, the seventh woman in Texas to be placed on death row. I am innocent of my charges but that's not what my words are about.

The death penalty is wrong for many reasons and I am ashamed for my attitude before my nightmare began. The State of Texas has no right to play god, we, as a society have no right to say who lives or who dies. The system is fallible, mistakes are made, and two wrongs don't make a right.

What greater testimony can I give? I am a mother who lost my precious boys to someone who is free, walking the streets, but I swear to you today I would fight for this assailant to not be put to death. People have to become involved, they (you) need to allow your voices to be heard. Take a stand. Every human life is WORTH fighting for. Please take that courage and fight for what is RIGHT. Abolish the Death Penalty. Stand together and let your voices be heard across this nation.

Rolled Up Slicker
by S. L. Ranahan Panetti

The old Marlbourgho Man is sick with >cancer<
But still carries a Zippo lighter, top pocket, grey duster
He's not eat'n Elk steak. It's a "Wolf Brand"tm evening and a few chilles made him fluster
Not for all the cow brutes in Texas, he made a vow,
I'm not sure how, at noon days chuck he was informed of his luck, a shiney new buck in his vest pocket he tucked along side a plug of "Brown Mule" tm and some hard candy he'd suck and drink from a canteen of fresh mountain water.
He was push'n cows slow
As the moon will show, to a house party he'll go, ramblin abroad a frisky cow pony, stout!
He called Him "Dunny" that Hoss would Hop like a Bunny when the monrings were cold yet sunny
It did look funny to see Him and old Dunny!
The the Chuck Bell did Ring
The neighbor woman sang as the church bell rang
The Sound of Thunder and Death; put him under
Just an empty saddle and a rolled up slicker
In the driven' rain.

This poem is copyrighted by its author.