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A Review of the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996
by Jerry Hogue #660

The Lamp of Hope Goes Internet
by Les Bower #764

What Price We Pay
by David Goff #999015

by Windell Broussard #999064

Texas Prisoners Labor Union

Problems in TDCJ-ID

Capital Punishment and Thus Saith the Lord
by Rev. Joe E. Blackmon, father of Don Blackman

Texas Death Row Inmates Speaking Out on the Internet

You Now Have a Place to File Your Complaints and Problems Against Any Part or Operation With and In TDCJ-ID

Special Thanks Are Due!

We Couldn't Have Done It Without You

Murder Victims' Families Are Not Served by Another Death
by Pat Bane

Gone Too Soon
by James E. Session

Books That Need to be Checked Out

Death Row Activities and Events

ATTENTION! National Coalition Against the Death Penalty Thank You! Thank You!


published by The Lamp of Hope Project

Editor: Billy G. Hughes, Jr. CPL #556
Asst. Editor: Billy Nelson #999017

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m o r e   s h o r t   a r t i c l e s

  — We Couldn't Have Done It Without You
  — Problems in TDCJ-ID

Texas Death Row Inmates Speaking Out on the Internet:

Now every man and woman on Death Row has access to the Internet.

The men and women now can look for pen friends, telling net users about themselves, up to 300 words.

They also can offer their crafts for sale.

And the men and women are able to send out their poems and articles.

You can find them on the net at: http://www.c-com.net/~ksebung


Problems in TDCJ-ID:

The Law Office of Donna Brorby wants to hear complaints and problems with medical services and facilities within any of the prison units. Send all letters to: Donna Brorby, Attorney at Law, 660 Market Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California 94104. Or call: 415/362-4430, or fax: 415/362-4644.

E-mail: lodb@sirius.com


We Couldn't Have Done It Without You:

We must recognize the help and work of the following ladies:

Karen Sebung, our new Executive Director
Nita Snow, our retiring Executive Director
Shari Bower
Kathy H. Cox

Nothing we have done could have been reached without the help of these dear and caring ladies.



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