Hello! My name is Louis C. Perez; I am an Innocent Man sitting on Death Row at the Polunsky Unit in Livingston, Texas.

Here on Death Row, we are confined to our cells for 23 hours a day.

Here, there is no television so our entertainment comes from our radios or our minds.

I've been very blessed to have found a few new skills in art.

I owe all the positive feelings I have inside me to my family, friends and GOD.

But I'm also blessed to have found a few great artists in here with me: Big 50, Prieto, Abdulla, L-D, FLACO, Casper and Meme.

These severn men have had a great impact in the way I see my art (Positive!). I with to thank them from the bottom of my heart!

I've been here on Death Row a little over 2 years and in that time, I've seen many forms of art! Most of it is done with a lot of anger and hurt. It is very good art but for myself, I don't allow this system to turn me into a negative person!

EVERLASTING ART It is a testament of Randy Arroyo's art as well as my own! We are both blessed with knowing that our love will forever last in our families' hearts as well as our own!

I want to give a special Thank You to my Beautiful Sisters Delia and Irene!

All my family have been supportive of me but Delia and Irene have been there for me from day one!! I love you both more than any words could ever say!!

God Bless You All!!

Louis C. Perez
Polunsky Unit/999328
3872 FM 350 South