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Lamp of Hope

James V. Allridge III . Drawings
Elohim Enterprises . Printed T-Shirts

My name is James V. Allridge III. I am a 34 year old African American inmate on Texas' Death Row. I have been on Death Row for the past 10 years.
     During my incarceration, I've become a self-taught artist. With no formal art training I now have over 350 works in private collections. I primarily work with colored pencils and have won several awards and my works have been on display in Washington, D.C. In April of 1996, I had my first one-man show in Switzerland to help raise money for the "FUND FOR LIFE" (FFL). My primary concern is to have my sentence commuted to life. This is why the fund has been aptly named the "Fund for Life", as opposed to a "Defense Fund".
     C.U.R.E. purchased several of my illustrations for their line of all occasion note cards. Continuing in this fashion, I produced my own line of handmade Christmas and all occasion cards. Since 1993, they have sold throughout the US, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
     I recently published a collection of poetry and prose entitled Deadly Executioner. It is dedicated to the men who have been executed by the State of Texas since the reinstatement of the Death Penalty in 1976.
     If you would like a sample card and ordering information for any of the above or would just like to write and correspond with me, you can contact me here at the Unit or send requests for information to the following addresses:
James V. Allridge III #000870
12002 FM 350 South
Livingston, TX 77351

Printed t-shirts. Make your own design or let us make it! Hanes BEST quality t-shirts. Ideal for prints - long sleeve and short sleeve. Prices vary between $12.5 — $17 (plus shipping and handling). Specializing in anti-death penalty t-shirts.
    Contact Elohim Enterprises DBA
Dorothy Miller-El
P. O. Box 965
Riverside, TX 77367-0965
Tel (409) 294-0035
FAX (409) 294-0096

NOTE: The information about crafts posted by the Lamp of Hope Project is information provided by prisoners. The Lamp of Hope Project does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of this information.

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