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s t a t e   o f
t e x a s

"We do not execute mentally retarded murderers today".
Governor Rick Perry in the Veto of House Bill 236.

Office of the Governor
Mailing Address

Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428

Delivery Address
State Insurance Building
1100 San Jacinto
Austin, Texas 78701

Citizens' Assistance Hotline: 800-843-5789
  (for use of  Texas callers)
Citizens' Opinion Hotline: 800-252-9600
  (for use of Texas callers)
Citizens' Assistance and Opinion Line: 512-463-1782
  (for use of Austin, Texas and out-of-state callers)
Citizen's Assistance Telecommunications Device
   for the Deaf number: 512-475-3165
Governor's Office Main Switchboard: 512-463-2000


Texas House of Representatives
Locate representatives by county with contact details

Texas Senate
Locate members of the senate and includes contact details

o t h e r   o f f i c i a l
t e x a s   l i n k s

Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Includes extensive details on all Death Row Inmates and Executions

Texas Judicial Server
Look up Published Opinions and Hand Downs from the Court of Criminal Appeals

Texas District and County Attorney Association
Discussion in the Forums about legal aspects of appeals, Expert Witness details etc.

Texas Code of Crimial Procedure
Includes rules on appeals, visitors etc.

Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles
Details on executive clemency and addresses of board members

Texas Attorney General
Press release site, includes case details of upcoming executions

u s e f u l
l e g a l  l i n k s

Federal Judicial System
Descriptions of, and links through the Federal levels of the Judicial Process

US Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit
Federal Court of Appeals which covers the Texas region

Supreme Court
Dockets, Oral Arguaments before the Supreme Court

Lawyers serving the public good

Legal Dictionary
Resource for the legal-jargon challenged!

Links to Departments of Corrections throughout the US

l o c a l   n e w s
l i n k s

Huntsville Item
Usually reports execution related news

Houston Chronicle

a b o l i t i o n i s t
o r g a n i z a t i o n  
s i t e s

Amnesty International (USA)

Citizens United for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (CUADP)

Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

European Coalition Against the Death Penalty (ECADP)
Includes links to other European Organisations

Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty (CCADP)

Australian Coalition Against the Death Penalty (ACADP)

o t h e r   t e x a s
r e l a t e d   s i t e s

Unofficial TDCJID site
Includes message board of TDJC employees

"Welcome to Hell"
Writings, pictures and links relating to the Polunsky (Terrell) Unit

"Texas State Readiness Resource"
Excellent page of writings, facts and links regarding the Death Penalty and Texas. Includes links to all major online Texas newspapers.

s i t e s
o f f e r i n g   i n m a t e
s e r v i c e s

Restitution Inc.
A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting healing between offenders and victims

Death Row Inmate WebRing
Contains many useful and informative links

Cyberspace Inmates
PenPal services

Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty (CCADP)
Comprehensive listing of Death Row inmates.

Women behind Bars

Write Links
Pen pals, stories and links

Juveniles in Alabama
Writings and requests from inmates on Alabama Death Row, convicted for offenses whilst juveniles

Broken Chains
A site concerned with inmates in Texas as a whole

i n d i v i d u a l
i n m a t e   s i t e s

A site for Brittany Holberg

A link to the site for Max Soffar

s i t e s   f o r
v i s i t o r s   t o
l i v i n g s t o n

Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH)

City of Livingston
Official site. Includes map of Livingston

Chamber of Commerce
Links to some lodging, including Econolodge

m a i l i n g   l i s t s

Lamp Of Hope Project Mailing List
Click here to subscribe.

ABOLISH Mailing List
The administrative address is:
To subscribe, send a message to the above address reading ONLY:
subscribe abolish Your Full Name
For example:
subscribe abolish Jane Doe

Links to other groups will be added as we build this page.

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